Product Designer

WATCHA Magazine


Watcha Magazine, 2014

It is a redesign project for an event platform in WATCHA. I wanted to increase the engagement rate and optimize viewing experiences. It was a design-driven project with increased engagement rates and average session durations without adding any special features.


I was a part of a small team with three people and responsible for the product strategy and interface design.

Individual Project


Problem Space

Karaoke is a fun place to enjoy songs with friends, but the devices we should use in here have remained somewhat underdeveloped. We have to adjust everything through the controller, which is not noticeable in its flat form, and the keyboard is too large and complicated. Besides, both those who sing and those who want to book a song need it at the same time. I wanted to find a more advanced shape and make the karaoke experience more enjoyable.



We observe and investigate the behavior of various groups of karaoke rooms. First, we focused on two situations in which people were scheduling songs or singing songs, and I found out in detail how the remote controller was used and what inconveniences occurred in each case. Based on this, I designed a specific new form of remote controller and developed two controllers according to each situation.


Find perfect shape for the remote control and the microphone

It is easy to find the remote control because of its bottom-heavy shape. Everyone in the karaoke room can easily see the screen of the remote control. In addition, the microphone is tube shaped. This prevents the microphone from rolling off the table.


How to use

By using the remote control, people can book songs for singing. Also, the microphone is equipped with functions to control the volume and control the music. Since singers can easily adjust the music as he or she wants without having to use the same controller as the person who wants to book the song.